Hello! I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts and hopes behind this blog. I’m really nervous, mostly because this whole process was just a thought like a week ago, but I’m super excited. OK, so my whole thought process was mostly to help people get educated about hair and the right things to help. Also, it is about putting my work out there and hopefully inspiring myself and others. I’m going to put pictures of my work and formulas on here to help my fellow stylists. Bare with me. I’m a Newbie at this whole blog stuff. If you enjoy my posts and have any questions or want a specific topic addressed, just let me know and I’ll try my best to help. And subscribe!!


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3 comments on “About Braids Blondes and Beauty!”

  1. WOW girl you are putting me to shame. Okay I get the message. This is like hair styling for dummies

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