As my first real post, I wanted to tell you guys some facts about your hair.

Fact 1: You Shed 50-80 Hairs Each Day Naturally

Shedding hair is part of your natural hair cycle. That’s why it’s normal to see hair in your drain every day. Sometimes people don’t realize how much hair we lose. For example, when I do my hair curly, I don’t brush my hair the whole time because that’s a no no. So, when I do brush it, I feel like I’m losing a ton of hair when it’s really a normal amount.

Fact 2: On Average, Your Hair Grows Half an Inch a Month

Some people’s hair grows a little faster and some a littler slower. It is also true that your health affects your hair growth rate. If you aren’t eating your fruits and veggies or exercising regularly your body suffers, and that means your hair, too.

Fact 3: Your Hair is Made up of 5 Elements

Those elements are carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sulfur.

Fact 4: Your Hair Has 3 Layers

The outside layer is called the, “cuticle.” The middle layer is called the “cortex,” which is where artificial color goes. And, the innermost layer is called the, “medulla,” which is composed of round cells.

Fact 5: You Have 2 Bonds in Your Hair

The h-bond, or hydrogen bond, is a weak physical bond that is broken by heat or water. So, this bond is affected by straightening your hair and then washing it. The second bond is the s-bond, or disulfide bond. This bond is only broken by chemicals. For example, when you get a perm, you are changing the s-bond to chemically turn your hair curly when it gets wet, and it doesn’t wash out.

I hope you liked these facts. I am only getting started… Like, share, and comment if you liked my post.


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