Let’s talk about the “Line of Demarcation.” It’s when you’ve colored your virgin hair (hair that has never been altered) and your roots grow out and create that obvious line between natural color and altered color. It’s not flattering.


This is my cute client who bleached her hair herself with box bleach from the drugstore. She had about two inches of regrowth. The integrity of her hair was actually great for being treated with box bleach, and the tone was actually pretty amazing.

To correct the line of demarcation, I decided to do an on-the-scalp bleach (Wella Blondor)  with 20 vol developer (Procare). I started in the back and did 30 vol in the front, trying not to overlap onto the already bleached hair. Then, I stuck her under the dryer for five to ten minutes. Next, I toned with 7a and 8b and dried and styled her hair. It turned out amazing with an ice-beige tone.


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