Me: Hi! So, how do you want your hair cut today?

Client: I don’t want just one hair cut, I want them all cut.

Haha… not! Some people think it’s cute and funny to make dumb jokes when they come to get a haircut. If I’m your stylist, I’ll probably joke back, but most of the time your jokes are just wasting my time. Here are five things your hair stylist actually wants to hear.

Know What You Want Before You Come In

Man Unsure of How He Wants His Hair

I get so many people, mostly men, who sit in my chair and don’t know how to respond when I ask them how they want their hair cut. They usually respond with something unspecific, like, “shorter.” When clients say this, I get a little frustrated because… duh… before you go to the salon, you should know what you want your hair to look like.

If you don’t know how to explain what you want your hair to look like, it helps to come in with pictures of the style and color you want. Pictures help because most stylists are visual learners and work better off of pictures than descriptions.

Please do not come in and be wishy washy. It makes for a smoother appointment when we can get on the same page and not sit there for 10 minutes trying to figure out what you want. I’m always willing to help you decide what hairstyle will look best with your face and how to style it, but try to have at least some kind of idea in mind beforehand.

Answer Your Stylist’s Questions Honestly

If you cut your hair yourself the last time, just say so. I’m not going to kick you out of my chair and ban you or slap your hand. Sometimes if the cut is bad, I might want to, but I promise not to make you feel bad. If you color your own hair or used box color, tell me! It is better to tell your stylist so we can fix it the right way.

When I ask a lot of questions, it’s not because I want to annoy you and take away from the relaxing experience. It is so I know exactly what  I should do and what I can do to help and make sure you leave with the hairstyle you wanted.

Tell the History of Your Hair

Red Hair Color

This is a big one if you’ve colored your hair. If you use box color, I want to know where you bought it, when you used it, how long it’s been since you last colored your hair, and so on. I won’t judge you, but I’ll most likely try to educate you on what is not so great about it and try to bring you back from the dark side.

The reason your stylist needs to know the history of your hair is because some box colors contain metallic dyes and when mixed with other things, it forms a chemical reaction that is not good. Also, if you want to go lighter, we will need to use bleach, and if you have the not-so-great color on your hair, the bleach will not pull to a pretty color. You might leave with something you did not want if your stylist doesn’t know the product already on your hair.

Explain What You Like and What You Don’t

This one comes easier for some than others. If you are uncomfortable telling me what you didn’t like with the last haircut I did, get over it. I am always willing to fix it and take constructive criticism, as long as you say it in a nice way. I am happy to change for you.

Please tell me your problem areas with your hair, such as cowlicks, curls, thinning, or any sores or scars you have on your head. Tell me as a stylist what you are wanting and how you style your hair every day. I want to help you be able to style it yourself when you get home, as well.

Ask Questions!

Please ask me questions while you’re in my chair. If you want to know what products you should use or how to style your hair, your stylist can help. If you need help figuring out what will work with your hair type or with your face shape, just ask. At least with me as a stylist, I want people to leave feeling like they can accomplish what I did and feel good about themselves. There aren’t any stupid questions; just stupid people asking questions. Haha… just wanted to throw that out there. I’m just kidding, I love when my clients ask and want to learn rather than question me on what I did.

I hope this helped you and next time you go to the salon use these tips and see if they improve your experience. Comment, like and share!

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