You can’t have a website called, “Braids, Blondes, and Beauty,” without a post dedicated to braids. I assure you, there will be more. I wanted to show you guys some different kinds of braids and inspire you to try them in your own hair.

Braids are awesome for summer because you don’t have to do your hair as much and it gets your hair off your neck. However, you can wear your hair in braids any time of year. Braids are also a popular fashion trend in 2016, especially fishtail braids, dutch braids, and even the cute ponytail loop braid things. First, let me give some examples of what each braid looks like.

French Braid

9262394579_4b7826911f_z9402759927_47a75b01cb_z8299148577_e6ba9ba441_zLots of people get scared of the french braid, but it’s actually a simple one. If you know how to do a regular braid, I bet you can learn the french braid. What you do is pick up three strands and start doing the standard braid. Then, before you cross each strand, you add more hair into it by just picking up more hair. It’s very simple and super cute. Practice the french braid on long hair until you get the hang of it. Watch this video if you’re more of a visual learner.

Dutch Braid




The dutch braid is the same concept as a french braid but you add the hair under the braid. Most people think of it as the backwards french braid. The dutch braid is sitting on top of the head and the french braid is blended in more.

Fishtail Braid


This braid looks difficult but it really isn’t. You take to two strands and you take a little section of one and you cross it over the strand to the other strand and collect it and then do the same with the opposite side.

Milkmaid Braid


This braid is really pretty if you do it right. What you do is do a braid and wrap it around your head and pin it in place.

French Pull-Through Braid

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The french pull-through isn’t really a braid, but it’s pretty and gives a similar effect to the braid. You separate part of your hair and put it in a ponytail. Then you make a series of ponytails underneath the first. However, before you put the elastic around each ponytail, you separate the first ponytail in two and then put it in the second ponytail and add it to the third ponytail and so on so on.

Ladder Braid


The ladder braid is probably the hardest in this post. First, you do a waterfall braid and leave some pieces out as you go. Then you do a braid under it and add the pieces that were left out of the original braid to look like a ladder. The picture does it more justice than my description.



A waterfall braid is a normal braid and every other strand you leave it out and pick up anther strand. So take 3 strands and start braiding and the 3rd strand you cross over just drop out after you cross it, then pick up some more hair and continue braiding. It is actually a pretty fun braid to do but it takes some practice.

More Fun Ways to Wear Braids

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You can do an upside down braid, a headband braid, or a boxer braid (two french braids parted down the middle).


There are a lot of fun ways to wear braids, and they offer very good benefits as well. For instance, when you have extensions, it is good to braid your hair at night to sleep on so it doesn’t get tangled. Braids are also a good way to wear your hair when it’s a little dirty or to just get out of the way without the strain and stress it puts with just a ponytail.

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