It’s Wednesday Favorites time again. I’ve chosen three more products for you to obsess over this year! These are some of my go to/ use every day products. So let’s get right to it.


Big Sexy Hair Hairspray


I love Big Sexy Hair products. This one is the spray and play voluminous hairspray. It gives your hair moveable and incredible volume, lift, and hold. It’s also firm and fast drying. Big Sexy Hair hairspray also helps defend against damaging UV rays and it works with practically any hair type and holds under humidity.

When applying Big Sexy Hair hairspray, you’re supposed to hold the nozzle about 8 inches away from your dry hair. Then, you spray it on to set your style. The hold rating on the side of the bottle is a 7, so it’s pretty strong. 10 is the strongest.

Maybelline New York Makeup


I really love Maybelline New York makeup. My mascara is from them also. But, today I’m talking about my eyeliner. I use the Maybelline New York Eyestudio lasting drama  gel liner (blackest black).

I used to use liquid eyeliner because I like to do a wing cat eye affect with my eyeliner, but I decided to try a gel eyeliner. I love it!  At first it was hard to switch from liquid to gel, but I’m glad I did. Gel is more playful. I mean, I can move it around until I like how it looks. This eyeliner is oil free and glides on easily for an intense look up to 24 hours. When you’re wearing Maybelline New York gel liner, be careful that throughout the day you don’t touch your eye a lot because the oil in your hands will mess it up and smudge everywhere. The eyeliner can be washed off easily with a makeup wipe or soap and water .

Matrix Biolage Dry Shampoo


I use the Matrix BIOLAGE waterless dry shampoo. I love this stuff. I think everyone should own a dry shampoo. You get second-day hair perfection with dry shampoo that cleanses and helps your style. It takes the oils that your body creates and drys them up to get a cleaner feeling without actually shampooing your hair. It smells good and I totally tell a difference when I use it in between washes.

I hope you can review these products for yourself. I understand not everyone will like all the same products I do and that’s OK. If you have any products that you love that I should try, comment on my post and I’ll try them. These are just some of my favorite  products and I’m not getting compensated from any companies to endorse their stuff. I hope you likes this post! Like, comment, and share.

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