I’m excited for fall and the new fashion trends it will bring. I’m not a huge fashionista, but I like to pretend. With Labor Day behind us we can focus on everything fall, and pumpkin spice right?!? In the fall people usually darken their blondes and color pallets for the season. I think this fall, trends will go more to the dark side, meaning dark shadows and dark lipstick. 2016 has been a bold year with lipstick and sharp, on-point eyebrows. Here are some trends you should try this fall.


Before we talk about fall makeup and hair too much, it’s important to know which skin tone you have to determine what colors will look the best on you. Look at the veins in your wrist; stand directly in the sun and look at the color. If they have a greenish tint, you have a warm skin tone. If they appear blue, then your skin tone is cool. There is also another category; it’s neutral. Neutral is if your veins look blue-green, but if you look at your skin in the sun it looks green. This means your skin is neither cool or warm. Warm skin looks yellow or gold in the sun, cool skin tones looks pink or bluish, and neutral is somewhere in between. So, with this knowledge, we can try to find the right colors that look best on you.

Bold Lipstick


This year, I think the dark, bold lipstick will be very trendy in the fall. Colors like deep reds, purples, and the color we all love: burgundy!

Cool skin tones: Try to stick with red, pink, or some purple lipstick.

Warm skin tones: Choose a more orange-based color, like red-orange, coral, or browns.

Neutral skin tones: Try some vibrant reds or deep purples.

Dark Eyeshadow


When choosing eyeshadow for different skin tones, it’s good to know what will complement your skin tone and pop your eye color.

Cool tones: Blue-based eyeshadows look best.

Warm skin tones: Earthy colors look best, like browns and tans, yellows, and oranges.

Neutral skin tones: Try to complement your eye color and hair color, but you can use practically any shade.

Here are some eyeshadow color palettes on Amazon that would look best for each tone:

Cool tones, Warm Tones, Neutral tones

Fall Hair Trends

This year, hair trends are mostly simple. We have the textured, lob haircut, which is a long bob with texturized layers that look amazing with loose waves.


Then, we have just long hair with some balayage hair painted color. That also looks gorgeous with loose waves.

Hair by Jessica Lambson

Then, we have braids like in one of my earlier posts (check it out here). This year the boxer braid is very trendy.


Fall Fashion Trends


Fall typically means boots and scarfs! Ankle boots are in this year, but so are knee highs, I think. They are just a classic look for fall. There are also certain colors that look best on different skin tones. Cool Skin tones look good with blues and pinks, and warm tones look good in autumn colors like orange and brown. Keep in mind that gold jewelry looks best on warm skin tones and silver jewelry looks better on cool skin tones, regardless of the season.


Thanks for reading. I hope you learned something new! Do you agree with the fall fashion trends I predict for this year? Tell me in the comments below.

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