It’s time to chop it off… I’m talking about your hair! There is definitely a point when your hair just needs to be cut. Some people are in denial about how much they should actually cut off. As a hairstylist, I try to be understanding, but I want your hair to be the healthiest it can be, and that means that sometimes it’s time for more than a little trim. So, here are five signs it’s time to chop it off.

Sign 1: You Can’t Brush Through Your Hair Easily

1074486675_24d7f1fa3e_qIf you cannot brush through your hair, then you need to get it cut. I see quite often that people can’t comb through their hair and it’s a rat’s nest, especially in the underneath layers. If your hair gets tangled very easy, your hair is damaged and just needs a good trim. The problem isn’t going to get better with hair products. The only thing that will help is a proper cut.

Sign 2: You Have Too Many Split Ends

3223730402_af2b66e41e_qAnother major sign that you need more than a trim is too many split ends. One cool trick I’ve seen a stylist do is put a sheet of white paper under the client’s hair, resting on the cape. This helped the client to actually see the wispy, fried, and stringy ends. The client’s hair wasn’t healthy at all. When your hair is split and not full on the ends, it’s a good indication that you need to get it cut.

Sign 3: Your Hair Is Not Styling Correctly

6415661997_977dc3a4ec_qIf your hair is not styling correctly or you need a lot of product to style it, then you need to get it cut. This goes for both guys and girls. A lot of guys say to me, “I have to use so much product to make it style right. That’s how I knew I needed it cut.” Plus, there comes a point when no amount of product will help you achieve the look you want.

Sign 4: Your Hair Bothers You

3658341729_0b64d77510_qWhen I’m done cutting a client’s hair, I’m often asked how long until they’ll need to have their hair cut again. I always tell them: Until your hair really bothers you. I always recommend for men every 6 weeks or so and for women about 8 weeks. If you need to maintain your style, you can come in more often, but if you are trying to grow your hair out, let it go a little longer. There are actual benefits that come with getting your hair trimmed more often when you are growing in out. If it has been longer that 4 to 6 month without a haircut, that’s a good sign that you need a trim.

Sign 5: You Want to Change Your Look

2065167388_a0d74ce824_qIf you’re ready for a new look, a haircut is a great way to accomplish this. There are so many hairstyles you can try to make you feel and look different. When people just need a change, a haircut is a good place to start. Just tweaking your style a little can make a huge difference. Add more layers, style your hair differently, or get bangs. I love when people sit in my chair and say I need a change. I’m always thinking: Let’s chop it off!

It makes me cringe when people say, “Take off as little as possible.” I will tell you the truth. if you need to take off 3 inches, then I will show you and we can compromise with 2. As a hair artist and stylist, I want you to feel comfortable and beautiful, and you can’t do that if you leave the damaged ends in your hair.

I hope these signs will help you when you are iffy on getting a haircut. If you have any tips or tricks when it comes to knowing you need a haircut, comment below. Also, share, like, and subscribe!

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