Did you know that hairspray can be used for all sorts of things besides hair? It’s actually a very useful household product. Take a look at these four non-hair uses for hairspray.


Stop Runs in Pantyhose

If you notice a run in your nylons or tights, you can stop it from getting bigger by immediately spraying the run with hairspray. As soon as the hairspray dries, the pantyhose won’t run any further. That’s why you should always carry a travel-size bottle of hairspray in your purse when you’re wearing pantyhose so you can catch runs before they become noticeable to everyone. You can also use clear fingernail polish to stop runs in pantyhose.

Get Rid of Static Cling

Another cool use for hairspray is to get rid of static cling in your clothes. Some skirts, especially those made from lightweight and silky fabric, stick to your legs when you walk. If you spray hairspray on the underside of your skirt or directly to your tights, it won’t stick anymore. You can get rid of static cling on shirts, too.

Preserve Flowers

Flowers begin to wilt shortly after they’re cut. You can prevent this from happening by lightly spraying them with hairspray. Hairspray stiffens the petals and helps prevent their color from fading. You can also spray hairspray on dried flowers to give them strength.

Remove Permanent Marker Stains

Hairspray can also be used to remove stubborn stains like permanent marker. First, dampen the permanent marker stain with water. Then, spray some hairspray onto the corner of a towel. Use the towel to blot the permanent marker stain. You’ll see the stain start to transfer to the towel. This is even an effective tip for removing permanent marker stains from white fabric.

Hairspray makes your hair look great, but you can do so much more with it. What other ways do you use hairspray? Leave a comment below.

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