Have you ever heard someone say that regular haircuts make your hair grow faster? It seems counterproductive, right?? Well, it’s actually true. There are all sorts of tricks you can do to help your hair grow healthy and long. I’ve outlined six of them below.

Get Regular Haircuts

3658341729_0b64d77510_qWhat’s the point of a haircut if you’re trying to grow out your hair? Well, when you use heat on your hair or go a long time without getting a haircut, your hair becomes damaged, especially the ends. Even if you do not use heat on your hair, the sun and wind are damaging. People think that if your hair grows from your head, how does a haircut help it grow longer if you get it cut? Haircuts help your hair grow by cutting off the damage, which prevents further damage. When you don’t cut your hair very often, the split ends spread up your hair shaft and then more needs to be cut off. So, cutting your hair regularly helps keep hair healthy. I recommend only going six to eight weeks in between cuts.

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb on Wet Hair

Another thing you can do to prevent damage and promote healthy hair growth is to use a wide-tooth comb when your hair is wet. Wet hair can stretch 30 percent of its natural allowance. So, when you use a brush when it is wet, your hair stretches, becomes weak, and breaks off.

Protect Your Hair

This is a very important one if you’re trying to grow out your hair. Heat protecting products are amazing! They help a ton when you heat style your hair, and even if you don’t use heat on it often the sun and wind will damage your hair as well. Think of your hair as your skin. The sun will damage your skin because of the harmful UV rays; it’s the same with your hair. So, if you know you will be outside for a long time, either wear a hat or use some sort of product acting as a sunscreen to help bounce the UV rays off.


Stimulate Your Scalp

Do you wonder why it feels so good when your stylist shampoos your hair? Well, first off it’s because they are trained in that, but also because your scalp needs that scrub. I’ve tried to wash my hair like I would my clients, but it’s really not the same. When you want to grow out your hair, you need to wake up your hair follicles with stimulation.

When I was younger, I heard that you should brush your hair 100 times a day. I think that’s a good idea as long as you’re careful and don’t damage your hair. Brushing your hair and scalp stimulates the follicles and it also feels great. Your hair grows from your scalp, sometimes your hair follicles are at rest and that’s why some people’s hair won’t grow.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

24441559784_4d3a18403c_qJust like your skin, your hair needs moisture to keep it healthy. Drinking water will help your hair as much as outside treatments. Deep conditioners and masks are also a good idea to help grow your hair out and keep it hydrated. Deep conditioners open the cuticle and hydrate your hair. When your hair is dry and brittle, it is easier for it to break off, leaving your hair shorter and shorter.

Be Patient

I know this one is the hardest one to do. I’ve been growing my hair out and I honestly kind of forgot about it. I do all these things and I just forgot I was growing it. I look at pictures from a year ago and it was so short now it’s almost to the length I really want it to be. Give it time. Like I said, just keep it healthy and just forget about it. Keep your stress level down and body healthy and it will grow. On average your hair grows half an inch a month, so give it six months to a year and you will be surprised.

The following are pictures of me about 10 months apart. The first one was taken on September 2015; the middle picture (the ever so flattering camping picture) was taken in July 2016; and the last picture (it was a group picture which is why it looks totally amazing with shadows and such) was taken in August 2016. It has taken a year to grow my hair four inches. However, I have been getting regular haircuts and I have split ends galore.

12028772_10204639113329593_1744999910521562512_o                13654393_10208211938069611_5552566221753213211_n                   13914069_10153642902962077_5082209412784700518_o

Growing your hair out is definitely a process, but if you use these tricks and give it time, your hair will really be healthier and long! What are some tricks that you have noticed that help your hair grow? Let me know and i’ll try them.

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