Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly? If not, all sorts of gross things build up on them, like bacteria and dead skin cells. You don’t want to put that stuff on your face. That’s why cleaning your implements regularly is important. It’s the same reason that you change your bed sheets. Also, did you know that there are expiration dates on makeup? You need to know when to thrown them out, too.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

24244266921_22530ae80e_qI would say you need to clean your makeup brushes, combs, and hairbrushes every week or so. I notice that I need to clean my foundation brush more frequently than my blush and powder brushes. That’s because I use a liquid foundation and it collects inside the bristles. If you forget to clean your brushes every week, they get gross and won’t give you an even makeup application. It won’t hurt to go four weeks without cleaning your makeup brushes, but I’d never go any longer than that.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

There are so many different ways and formulas to clean your makeup brushes. I use one that is made up of olive oil and baby shampoo. The shampoo cleans the brushes and the olive oil helps condition the bristles.

Another solution that will clean your makeup brushes is 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 1 cup of water. I also have a spray solution that helps sanitize my brushes it is the e.l.f. daily brush cleaner. If you use your makeup brushes on other people, I would use that stuff to sanitize it. Stores also sell shampoo specifically for makeup brushes. I like to use the e.l.f brush shampoo. You can definitely go that route if you don’t want to use a homemade cleaning product. Then you know it is safe and won’t hurt the brush.

How to Sanitize Your Brushes and Implements

12864099924_629c1209bc_qIf you are in the beauty industry, you know what the number one rule is to the state board. It is to always sanitize and be clean. It is so gross when people do not clean their tools and then use them on other people. The rule is that if you cannot sanitize it, then it has to be thrown away. If you like to do other peoples’ makeup, make sure you have tools that can be cleaned or thrown away. Do not use the same mascara wand on others, or brushes really. It can spread infections or diseases. So, try to be cautious when doing any service on someone. You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with just anyone, so do not share your makeup unless it can be cleaned. Here are just some tools that can be discarded after you use them:

Clean Your Curling Irons and Straightener

Cleaning other implements, like curling irons and straighteners, is very important. Having clean tools makes for smoother styling. How I know my straightener needs cleaning is when it starts pulling on my hair. The way you clean hot irons is with baking soda. If you add baking soda with water and use a washcloth, make sure the iron is kinda warm, but not hot because it will burn you (obviously). Baking soda is a strong cleaner. It can strip buildup off of your implements and other things.

Cleaning your hair brushes is important because that’s where a lot of your dead skin and hair go. The best way to clean your brush is to remove all the hair and to soak it in a cleaning solution. For my hair brushes that I use at work, I let them sit in a barbicide solution for a couple of minutes and then I rinse them with hot water. But, to clean them at home I use a baking soda mixed with water.

How Long Does Makeup Last?

It is also good to know when to get rid of old makeup and replace it. Here are some guidelines that will help you know when it is a good idea to throw what away. if you are needing to throw away your makeup and get new stuff here are some links to what i like to use.

Mascara: It is only good for three months. After that, it is a good idea to throw it away and get a new tube. If you use it longer, your eyelashes can get lumpy. I love the mascara Maybelline Volume Mascara.

Eyeliner: Liquid or gel eyeliners don’t last that long anyways, but, it needs to be thrown out at three months. Pencil eyeliner, on the other hand, is good up to two years. I like using a gel liner from Maybelline eye studio lasting drama. The eyeliner I use is Maybelline new york unstoppable eyeliner.

Powders: In general, any powder blush, bronzer, or setting powder is good for two years. However, check the label to make sure. I like to use n.y.c color smooth skin loose face powder.

Lipstick and Lip Liners:  These are good for up to a year. However, be careful if you use a lipstick with any mouth sores. It is probably a good idea to throw it away after you are healed. I like the N.Y.X matte lipstick. and for a lip liner I use e.l.f matte lip liner.

Thanks for reading my post. What are your favorite products for cleaning your makeup brushes and other beauty implements? Share them in the comments below.

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