I wanted to show you guys my daily makeup routine. It’s not anything special but when I was learning to do my makeup I didn’t know how to apply each product. So I hope that this will help you at least get an idea of what to use and how to use it.


Makeup Prep Routine


First, I always prep my face by washing it and using an acne medicine. I don’t have a lot of acne, but I do break out occasionally. The one I use is Equate Beauty Dual Power. Then I use a face lotion. Mine is the Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration face cream.

I have very dry skin so using products that work for your skin type is a game changer. After that, I use the face primer, Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, which helps smooth my face so the makeup just glides on.

Concealer and Foundation Routine


After priming my face, I use a concealer to help hide any imperfections with my Baby Boo-Boo Cover-Up concealer. Then, I do a little contouring with my NYX Sculpt and Highlight. After that, I use a liquid foundation from Rimmel London Match Perfection.

I use a foundation brush to spread it all over my face. If you want to try this, it’s important to bring it down on your neck and blend it in from your jawline down your neck. Then I use a blending brush and use it in a circular motion to help blend any lines. I use my powder brush and do a pink blush from e.l.f. on the apple of my cheeks to my hairline. I also use a bronzer called Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo to contour right under my cheekbones, around my hairline, jawline, and nose. I use a highlight powder under my eyes  and the middle of my forehead. I also like to set my face makeup with a loose powder.

You always want to make sure that the color you pick either for foundation or eyeshadow compliments your skin tone. Here is a post to help you figure out how to do that. Fall fashion to match your skin tone.

Eye Makeup Routine


I start by applying a neutral color for all over my eyelid. The brand I use is Color Tattoo 24-Hour Lasting Eyeshadow. Then, I use my Matte Eyeshadow Mellow Plum on my crease and blend it in with a sparkly eyeshadow from Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany. I use a darker matte color for the crease.

I love using my gel eyeliner from Maybelline New York Eye Studio. I take it from the inner corner of my eye to the far corner and do a little cat eye. Then, I use the mascaras Collosol Volume Express and Rocket Volume Express. I like using two different kinds because they do different things.


Eyebrows Routine

I like using the eyebrow pencil Brow Stylist Designer. I mostly just fill in my eyebrows, but you can actually shape them. You want to make sure your eyebrows go from a little thick to thin. The outer part of your eyebrows should taper off. Your eyebrow should have an arch. No eyebrow should be too thin or too thick.

Makeup Finishing Touches

Sometimes I like to line the bottom of my eyelashes with some eyeshadow or eyeliner. Obviously, I make sure everything looks even and there are no lines and everything is blended. Then, I use a matte spray to help set the makeup. I use NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting.

My Makeup Brushes


I use a lot of different brands of brushes. You can use whatever you like best. But, I have A couple foundation blending brushes (the short one and the very long one with orange bristles), a blush and powder brush (Big fluffy one with the white handle), a contour/highlight brush ( blue handle). I also have several eye shadow brushes. I use an angled one for the crease of my eye and a more flat brush and a small fluffy one to blend the eye shadow.

It has taken me a while to feel like I could do my makeup nicely. When I was in high school I thought it was unnecessary to have a ton of makeup or brushes. But, Now I understand that everything does different things, and benefits you in different ways.

I hope you found this article fun and educational. If you have any fun daily makeup tips or routines let me know!

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