Don’t you just love life hacks? They are the best, aren’t they? I love reading about survival life hacks, like If you ever crash your car into a lake you’re supposed to use your headrest to break your window. I would have never thought to do that. Or another one is if you break a glass, you can put bread over the broken pieces and the bread will help pick up the micro shards.

Anyway, Here are some of my favorite beauty life hacks. I hope you try them all!

Nail Polish Hacks


  • Do you want your nail polish to go on smoother? Put it in the fridge. If you leave it in there for 15 minutes or so it will harden just enough to gently glide right on your nails.
  • Want your nails to dry super fast? Put your freshly painted nails into a bowl of cold water for a minute. When you pull them out, they will be dry.
  • Something cool you can try is to break open some glow sticks and put them in your nail polish. You’ll have glowing neon nails. Just make sure you use the non-toxic glow sticks.

Hair Hacks

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  • If you have static in your hair, pop a dryer sheet onto your hair brush. It will help with the static and also make your hair smell nice.
  • Hairspray your bobby pins before you put them in your hair and they will stay put longer.
  • Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? There are a couple of things you can use to get it out, but mayo is a good one. The oil in mayo will help loosen the sticky part of gum and help it slide right out. Mayo is also a good deep conditioner.

Skin Hacks

  • Rub an ice cube over your face before applying makeup. This helps close pores, eliminate redness, and makes you makeup last longer.
  • Do you have a giant pimple on your face but have a hot date the next day? If you dab a little Listerine mouthwash or toothpaste on it, the alcohol will help shrink the pimple.
  • Use vaseline and coconut oil to help heal dry skin.
  • End your shower with cold water. The cold water will close pores and help prevent acne. It also clears the mind and makes you alert.
  • Use apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags and warts.
  • Shave with coconut oil for the smoothest legs possible.

Makeup Hacks

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  • Vaseline is a good makeup remover.
  • Want your pencil eyeliner to go on smoother? Run the tip over a flame for a second, it will melt the liner and apply a lot smoother.
  • On the back of makeup, there is a little picture of a container that has a number on it. That tells you how long the makeup has before it expires.
  • Use Vaseline with lipstick to make a cream blush.

These are some of my favorite beauty hacks. Try them and let me know how they work for you in the comments below!

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