Going from back to blonde is such a huge process. Most people just look at the before and after pictures and think its that easy. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it is never that easy. Especially if you want to keep your hair healthy. I have a client who kept putting black color on her hair and overlapping the color every time she did it. Let me show you our hair journey from jet black hair to a dimensional beautiful blonde.

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First Session

My cute client Lori contacted me back in April. She had a level 1 black hair with her regrowth at a level 7 dark blonde. She wanted an ombre. But, she was so use to having dark hair that she wanted to go from a black to an almost platinum blonde on the ends. So to get started I did an ombre technique that blended closer to the scalp then went lighter on the ends. In the first session, she kind of had a red undertone when she left. That weekend I did her hair three days in a row to try to get that black color out and not have any red. But if you know that when you use bleach on dark hair you go thru every color you can imagine, the first time she had a red ombre. Then she called the next day saying she hated it and needed to get thru this warm stage. So I lifted it out with more bleach. Each time I used a bond perfecter called olaplex. It can only be used by professionals. It helps keep the hair strong. After That first weekend, we had her ends at a level 5. Which isn’t very light but from a level 1 it worked out.

Second Session


When she came back to get her color freshened up we decided to take it one more level lighter. We also decided to do tape in extensions. I got 2 types of babe extensions one color matched her hair perfectly the other was a lighter blonde color. After that, we decided that when she would come in to refresh her color that we would just color her regrowth and tone her ends. So for a couple of times, I just did a level 1 on her regrowth and toned her ends with a 7 ash and 8 beige.extentions

Third session


So my lovely client decided that she was tired of the dark base and she wanted to do a light brown base with blonde mixed in. I decided to use pravana color extractor to get the black out. That took only 20 min, then I based her from roots to about mid shaft with a level 8 neutral tone. With the color extractor, you always want to do a level lighter because it oxidized darker.


After I Added on the base color I did a balayage ombre with bleach and olaplex. I let that sit on in between foils for about 25 minutes. It turned out to be a pretty blonde.


She did have some dark color in her hair but that makes it look natural with the other colors mixed in.


Being Blonde

When we finally got to the beautiful blonde I told my client to come back in eight weeks and we will freshen up the color and tone the ends. This whole process has taken about four months. Her hair is healthy, that is what matters to me most. We love the results and are happy she is finally blonde.

I hope this has inspired you and has made enlightened you to the fact that going black to blonde is a process. Comment below and let me know what you think!


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