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My Favorite Beauty Hacks

Don’t you just love life hacks? They are the best, aren’t they? I love reading about survival life hacks, like If you ever crash your car into a lake you’re supposed to use your headrest to break your window. I would have never thought to do that. Or another one is if you break a glass, you can put bread over the broken pieces and the bread will help pick up the micro shards.

Anyway, Here are some of my favorite beauty life hacks. I hope you try them all!

Nail Polish Hacks


  • Do you want your nail polish to go on smoother? Put it in the fridge. If you leave it in there for 15 minutes or so it will harden just enough to gently glide right on your nails.
  • Want your nails to dry super fast? Put your freshly painted nails into a bowl of cold water for a minute. When you pull them out, they will be dry.
  • Something cool you can try is to break open some glow sticks and put them in your nail polish. You’ll have glowing neon nails. Just make sure you use the non-toxic glow sticks.

Hair Hacks

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  • If you have static in your hair, pop a dryer sheet onto your hair brush. It will help with the static and also make your hair smell nice.
  • Hairspray your bobby pins before you put them in your hair and they will stay put longer.
  • Have you ever had gum stuck in your hair? There are a couple of things you can use to get it out, but mayo is a good one. The oil in mayo will help loosen the sticky part of gum and help it slide right out. Mayo is also a good deep conditioner.

Skin Hacks

  • Rub an ice cube over your face before applying makeup. This helps close pores, eliminate redness, and makes you makeup last longer.
  • Do you have a giant pimple on your face but have a hot date the next day? If you dab a little Listerine mouthwash or toothpaste on it, the alcohol will help shrink the pimple.
  • Use vaseline and coconut oil to help heal dry skin.
  • End your shower with cold water. The cold water will close pores and help prevent acne. It also clears the mind and makes you alert.
  • Use apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags and warts.
  • Shave with coconut oil for the smoothest legs possible.

Makeup Hacks

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  • Vaseline is a good makeup remover.
  • Want your pencil eyeliner to go on smoother? Run the tip over a flame for a second, it will melt the liner and apply a lot smoother.
  • On the back of makeup, there is a little picture of a container that has a number on it. That tells you how long the makeup has before it expires.
  • Use Vaseline with lipstick to make a cream blush.

These are some of my favorite beauty hacks. Try them and let me know how they work for you in the comments below!

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My Everyday Makeup Routine

I wanted to show you guys my daily makeup routine. It’s not anything special but when I was learning to do my makeup I didn’t know how to apply each product. So I hope that this will help you at least get an idea of what to use and how to use it.


Makeup Prep Routine


First, I always prep my face by washing it and using an acne medicine. I don’t have a lot of acne, but I do break out occasionally. The one I use is Equate Beauty Dual Power. Then I use a face lotion. Mine is the Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration face cream.

I have very dry skin so using products that work for your skin type is a game changer. After that, I use the face primer, Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, which helps smooth my face so the makeup just glides on.

Concealer and Foundation Routine


After priming my face, I use a concealer to help hide any imperfections with my Baby Boo-Boo Cover-Up concealer. Then, I do a little contouring with my NYX Sculpt and Highlight. After that, I use a liquid foundation from Rimmel London Match Perfection.

I use a foundation brush to spread it all over my face. If you want to try this, it’s important to bring it down on your neck and blend it in from your jawline down your neck. Then I use a blending brush and use it in a circular motion to help blend any lines. I use my powder brush and do a pink blush from e.l.f. on the apple of my cheeks to my hairline. I also use a bronzer called Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo to contour right under my cheekbones, around my hairline, jawline, and nose. I use a highlight powder under my eyes  and the middle of my forehead. I also like to set my face makeup with a loose powder.

You always want to make sure that the color you pick either for foundation or eyeshadow compliments your skin tone. Here is a post to help you figure out how to do that. Fall fashion to match your skin tone.

Eye Makeup Routine


I start by applying a neutral color for all over my eyelid. The brand I use is Color Tattoo 24-Hour Lasting Eyeshadow. Then, I use my Matte Eyeshadow Mellow Plum on my crease and blend it in with a sparkly eyeshadow from Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany. I use a darker matte color for the crease.

I love using my gel eyeliner from Maybelline New York Eye Studio. I take it from the inner corner of my eye to the far corner and do a little cat eye. Then, I use the mascaras Collosol Volume Express and Rocket Volume Express. I like using two different kinds because they do different things.


Eyebrows Routine

I like using the eyebrow pencil Brow Stylist Designer. I mostly just fill in my eyebrows, but you can actually shape them. You want to make sure your eyebrows go from a little thick to thin. The outer part of your eyebrows should taper off. Your eyebrow should have an arch. No eyebrow should be too thin or too thick.

Makeup Finishing Touches

Sometimes I like to line the bottom of my eyelashes with some eyeshadow or eyeliner. Obviously, I make sure everything looks even and there are no lines and everything is blended. Then, I use a matte spray to help set the makeup. I use NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting.

My Makeup Brushes


I use a lot of different brands of brushes. You can use whatever you like best. But, I have A couple foundation blending brushes (the short one and the very long one with orange bristles), a blush and powder brush (Big fluffy one with the white handle), a contour/highlight brush ( blue handle). I also have several eye shadow brushes. I use an angled one for the crease of my eye and a more flat brush and a small fluffy one to blend the eye shadow.

It has taken me a while to feel like I could do my makeup nicely. When I was in high school I thought it was unnecessary to have a ton of makeup or brushes. But, Now I understand that everything does different things, and benefits you in different ways.

I hope you found this article fun and educational. If you have any fun daily makeup tips or routines let me know!

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I Beg You: Please Clean Your Makeup Brushes!


Do you clean your makeup brushes regularly? If not, all sorts of gross things build up on them, like bacteria and dead skin cells. You don’t want to put that stuff on your face. That’s why cleaning your implements regularly is important. It’s the same reason that you change your bed sheets. Also, did you know that there are expiration dates on makeup? You need to know when to thrown them out, too.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

24244266921_22530ae80e_qI would say you need to clean your makeup brushes, combs, and hairbrushes every week or so. I notice that I need to clean my foundation brush more frequently than my blush and powder brushes. That’s because I use a liquid foundation and it collects inside the bristles. If you forget to clean your brushes every week, they get gross and won’t give you an even makeup application. It won’t hurt to go four weeks without cleaning your makeup brushes, but I’d never go any longer than that.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

There are so many different ways and formulas to clean your makeup brushes. I use one that is made up of olive oil and baby shampoo. The shampoo cleans the brushes and the olive oil helps condition the bristles.

Another solution that will clean your makeup brushes is 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 1 cup of water. I also have a spray solution that helps sanitize my brushes it is the e.l.f. daily brush cleaner. If you use your makeup brushes on other people, I would use that stuff to sanitize it. Stores also sell shampoo specifically for makeup brushes. I like to use the e.l.f brush shampoo. You can definitely go that route if you don’t want to use a homemade cleaning product. Then you know it is safe and won’t hurt the brush.

How to Sanitize Your Brushes and Implements

12864099924_629c1209bc_qIf you are in the beauty industry, you know what the number one rule is to the state board. It is to always sanitize and be clean. It is so gross when people do not clean their tools and then use them on other people. The rule is that if you cannot sanitize it, then it has to be thrown away. If you like to do other peoples’ makeup, make sure you have tools that can be cleaned or thrown away. Do not use the same mascara wand on others, or brushes really. It can spread infections or diseases. So, try to be cautious when doing any service on someone. You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with just anyone, so do not share your makeup unless it can be cleaned. Here are just some tools that can be discarded after you use them:

Clean Your Curling Irons and Straightener

Cleaning other implements, like curling irons and straighteners, is very important. Having clean tools makes for smoother styling. How I know my straightener needs cleaning is when it starts pulling on my hair. The way you clean hot irons is with baking soda. If you add baking soda with water and use a washcloth, make sure the iron is kinda warm, but not hot because it will burn you (obviously). Baking soda is a strong cleaner. It can strip buildup off of your implements and other things.

Cleaning your hair brushes is important because that’s where a lot of your dead skin and hair go. The best way to clean your brush is to remove all the hair and to soak it in a cleaning solution. For my hair brushes that I use at work, I let them sit in a barbicide solution for a couple of minutes and then I rinse them with hot water. But, to clean them at home I use a baking soda mixed with water.

How Long Does Makeup Last?

It is also good to know when to get rid of old makeup and replace it. Here are some guidelines that will help you know when it is a good idea to throw what away. if you are needing to throw away your makeup and get new stuff here are some links to what i like to use.

Mascara: It is only good for three months. After that, it is a good idea to throw it away and get a new tube. If you use it longer, your eyelashes can get lumpy. I love the mascara Maybelline Volume Mascara.

Eyeliner: Liquid or gel eyeliners don’t last that long anyways, but, it needs to be thrown out at three months. Pencil eyeliner, on the other hand, is good up to two years. I like using a gel liner from Maybelline eye studio lasting drama. The eyeliner I use is Maybelline new york unstoppable eyeliner.

Powders: In general, any powder blush, bronzer, or setting powder is good for two years. However, check the label to make sure. I like to use n.y.c color smooth skin loose face powder.

Lipstick and Lip Liners:  These are good for up to a year. However, be careful if you use a lipstick with any mouth sores. It is probably a good idea to throw it away after you are healed. I like the N.Y.X matte lipstick. and for a lip liner I use e.l.f matte lip liner.

Thanks for reading my post. What are your favorite products for cleaning your makeup brushes and other beauty implements? Share them in the comments below.

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Fall Fashion to Match Your Skin Tone

I’m excited for fall and the new fashion trends it will bring. I’m not a huge fashionista, but I like to pretend. With Labor Day behind us we can focus on everything fall, and pumpkin spice right?!? In the fall people usually darken their blondes and color pallets for the season. I think this fall, trends will go more to the dark side, meaning dark shadows and dark lipstick. 2016 has been a bold year with lipstick and sharp, on-point eyebrows. Here are some trends you should try this fall.


Before we talk about fall makeup and hair too much, it’s important to know which skin tone you have to determine what colors will look the best on you. Look at the veins in your wrist; stand directly in the sun and look at the color. If they have a greenish tint, you have a warm skin tone. If they appear blue, then your skin tone is cool. There is also another category; it’s neutral. Neutral is if your veins look blue-green, but if you look at your skin in the sun it looks green. This means your skin is neither cool or warm. Warm skin looks yellow or gold in the sun, cool skin tones looks pink or bluish, and neutral is somewhere in between. So, with this knowledge, we can try to find the right colors that look best on you.

Bold Lipstick


This year, I think the dark, bold lipstick will be very trendy in the fall. Colors like deep reds, purples, and the color we all love: burgundy!

Cool skin tones: Try to stick with red, pink, or some purple lipstick.

Warm skin tones: Choose a more orange-based color, like red-orange, coral, or browns.

Neutral skin tones: Try some vibrant reds or deep purples.

Dark Eyeshadow


When choosing eyeshadow for different skin tones, it’s good to know what will complement your skin tone and pop your eye color.

Cool tones: Blue-based eyeshadows look best.

Warm skin tones: Earthy colors look best, like browns and tans, yellows, and oranges.

Neutral skin tones: Try to complement your eye color and hair color, but you can use practically any shade.

Here are some eyeshadow color palettes on Amazon that would look best for each tone:

Cool tones, Warm Tones, Neutral tones

Fall Hair Trends

This year, hair trends are mostly simple. We have the textured, lob haircut, which is a long bob with texturized layers that look amazing with loose waves.


Then, we have just long hair with some balayage hair painted color. That also looks gorgeous with loose waves.

Hair by Jessica Lambson

Then, we have braids like in one of my earlier posts (check it out here). This year the boxer braid is very trendy.


Fall Fashion Trends


Fall typically means boots and scarfs! Ankle boots are in this year, but so are knee highs, I think. They are just a classic look for fall. There are also certain colors that look best on different skin tones. Cool Skin tones look good with blues and pinks, and warm tones look good in autumn colors like orange and brown. Keep in mind that gold jewelry looks best on warm skin tones and silver jewelry looks better on cool skin tones, regardless of the season.


Thanks for reading. I hope you learned something new! Do you agree with the fall fashion trends I predict for this year? Tell me in the comments below.

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