Some people are uncomfortable going to a salon because they don’t understand how to act or what to expect. I look at it as a professional setting. If you were going to a lawyer’s office or doctor’s office, how would you act? You don’t have to dress up nicely, but here are some things to consider about your etiquette when going to a salon.


State Your Purpose

When you come to the reception desk, state if you have an appointment or what service you are wanting to get done. Some people come into a salon and expects all the employees to know they have an appointment with so and so. In reality, employees really don’t know about everyone’s appointments, so when you arrive greet whoever is there and say, “I have an appointment with Bla Bla Bla.” It’s less awkward and then we can tell you if your stylist is on time or running late. Also, If you are walking in, greet the stylist and say I’m wanting a haircut or color etc. It clears up a lot when people just tell me what they need first off.

Come Clean or Expect to Get a Wash

Please do not come in for a haircut and decline a shampoo/wash, especially when you just came from the gym or haven’t washed your hair in a while. This section also refers to your personal hygiene and general sloppiness. I mean, don’t spread all of your stuff all over your hairdresser’s stuff and station. I have had people put their stuff on top of my scissors and tools. And, I have to move their stuff to get to mine. It really bothers me when people do that.

Don’t Act Inappropriately

You should feel comfortable with your stylist, but try to not make your stylist uncomfortable. Keep personal stuff to a minimum. It is OK to vent, but wait a couple of visits to completely open up about your personal life. Flirting is something some people are OK with, but make sure your stylist is interested and not married. Be appropriate with jokes as well.


Keep Your Kids Behaved

Sometimes you can’t find a babysitter and that’s OK, but keep your kids in line while at the salon. You should always bring something for your kids to do to keep them occupied. I understand that you can’t always control your kids, but make sure they aren’t pulling products off the shelves or destroying the place.

Be Polite

If you have any concerns with your stylist or the salon, you can always feel free to state them, but try to be nice about it. I love when my clients can tell me what the problems are with their hair as long as we both can be civil.

Leave a Tip

This is probably one that most people don’t understand and feel weird about. Tipping isn’t required, but it kind of is. My husband doesn’t understand tipping a hairstylist, so I had to educate him about it. Tipping is a nice way to thank someone for giving you a service. People ask me all the time, “What is the correct amount to tip?” I always say to them, “Whatever you feel comfortable with.” You can do either 10% or 20% of your service if you don’t know what you want to tip. I always say if you really enjoyed the service, tip more. That’s what I do at restaurants.


I hope these salon etiquette tips really help you the next time you go to a salon for a service. These are just some things I have noticed over the years of doing my career and these are some tips I try to follow when I go places. If you have any other tips on salon etiquette you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments below.

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